Twinkle (new) Caste And Christianity in India

Truth in Religion(s) - Are All Religions Really the Same?

Bible and Science - An Analysis of the Agreements and Disagreements on Some Important Issues

Incarnation: The Need and Necessity (Is Jesus Just Another Avatar?)

Science, Philosophy, Theology and the Question of Origins

The New Testament Gospels: Testimony or Spin? A Response to Da Vince Code

Holiness in the Trinity and Our Lives

Effective study methods

Jesus Christ and the Two Natures - Compatible or Incompatible?

Life After Death: Reincarnation or Resurrection?

"Being Good Christian Citizens and Facing the Contemporary Social Challenges"

The Bible - How We Got It and Whether It Is Reliable! (The Origin, Reliable Transmission and Preservation of the Bible)

The Problem of Evil and Suffering A Worldview Analysis

Priority Christian Living in the Present Perplexing World

Theology and Practice of Christian Giving

David and his Three Military Chiefs: Learning Some Spiritual Lessons from a Battle Scene

Do I have the Right Kind of Faith

Faith Beyond Reason: A Balanced Biblical View of Faith -- Expanded Version

Families and the Purposes of God - Ministry through Families -- Expanded version

Reaching the Friends of Other Faiths: 1st Century Paul in Athens - A Model for the 21st Century Christians

Characteristics of a Christian Leader The Telugu translation of this article is now published in VJ, April issue.

Theology and Practice of Christian Giving
Renewed Mind and Transformed Life

The Spiritual Discipline of Systematic Bible Intake

Here are the first three of four messages delivered at regional graduates conference. The first article is now published in Harvest Times for Your Family, the GLS magazine. Check back for the rest of the messages.
"Message1-Being Holy Because God is Holy"
"Message2-What it means for us to be holy"
Message3-Holiness in Thought Life

Written for and Published in The Greater Hyderabad United Christmas Celebrations' Souvineir. The Characters Around the First Christmas

A shorter version of the following article was written for Vidyarthi Jwala was published in the December Issue (in Telugu).
The What and Why of Apologetics: A Very Short Introduction of Christian Apologetics

Unpublished Letters to the Editor

Truth and Opinion

Reason, Open Discussion, the Da Vinci Code, and Truth

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